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If in doubt ,please call us .


  • Monday - Thursday      9:30am - 6:00pm
  • Friday-Saturday             9:30am - 7:00pm
  • Sundays                           11:00am - 5:00pm




  • 11 Months - 3 Years       $5.99+GST
  • 4 Years - 13 Years:         $9.99+GST 


Gift cards are available at all the time. 




11 MONTH - 3 YEARS                 $4.00

4 YEARS - 13 YEARS                   $6.00



* Monthly Pass

(+GST )


1 MONTH       11 month-3 years     $45                 4 years-13 years      $76


2 MONTH      11 month-3 years     $87                  4 years-13 years      $145


3 MONTH      11 month-3 years     $120                4 years-13 years      $199


6 MONTH     11 month-3 years    $216                4 years - 13 years    $360


1 YEAR          11 month - 3 years   $384               4 years - 13 years    $640




Punch Cards


11 month -3 Years  (10 visits)                                                       $51.99+GST

4-13 Years (10 visits)                                                                       $85.99+GST

MIX CARD (5  TODDLER ,5 REGULAR )                                 $68.99+GST




*Now we do take reservation for SLEEPOVER. please email us for more information. 




Drop the kids at Go Bananas and Go Shopping-how good does it get?!


For parents who would just like the opportunity to get on with the shopping without their offspring being a drag on the activity,and for kids who would just like to go to the playzone without having to spend their time going round the shop,the Drop `n shop will satisfy all parties.


Parents or guardians can leave the child for up to 1 1/2 hours whilst they shop within Mall area. We will set the time when the parents or guardians leaves,not the time they come into Go Bananas. Go Bananas will identify the children on Drop `N Shop by a specific wristband .A specific member of staff will be available if the child needs attention,but we should stress that this is not a baby-sitting service.


We recommend that parents make sure that their child is happy to be left and knows that they can contact our staff if they have a problem. You may also like to leave them some money for a drink or snack or video games ,but this is up to you.

Once again ,our staff is not babysitting,so don`t expect them to animate or watch over each child .


This option is being offered every day ,on a frist come first serve basis,there is limited number of children we can take. Call beforehand if you want to be sure you can drop off. When it is too busy we will not be able to offer the drop and shop service .


There are several regulations:

1. Parents or guardians agree to stay within the mall area

2. parents or guardians will provide a working and charged cell phone contact.

3. Time is restricted to 1 1/2 hours for which there is a supplement of $3.00 per child in addition to the regular admission. If this hour is exceeded then a penalty fee of $5.00 per 15 min will be charged.

4. The admission is all day so parents can come and spend some time in Go Bananas if the children wish to stay on longer than the 1 1/2 hours .

5. Go Bananas will only accept children of 4 years and older for the Drop N Shop ,and they must be diaper free.

6. If the child is distressed in anyway and our staff member is unable to calm them ,then we will call for the parents or guardians to come immediately to supervise the child or take them away. There will be on no refund.

7. Go Bananas accepts no responsibility for any accidents that could occur.

8. Parents or guardians will be responsible for any damages caused by the child left in Go Bananas on Drop `N Shop.